Col. Dr. Eng. Saud Alanzi

Signal Crops
Kuwait Armed Forces

    Title of Presentation

    Two channel spatial division multiplexed SDM systems for LAN applications

    Summary of Presentation

    Spatial/Space Division Multiplexing (SDM) is based on a channel spacing technique in optical fibers that has the potential to inspire a revolution in optical communications. This patented technique provides a method to launch, transport, and detect two or more optical channels that operate at exactly the same wavelength inside a single multimode optical fiber. In addition, the patented technique added a new dimension and a new degree of photon freedom to the existing fiber multiplexing techniques and complements Time Division Multiplexing (TDM) and Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM). As a result, the bandwidth of existing and new optical fiber systems maybe increased by multiple folds. Therefore, Multi-TB/s hybrid architectures are feasible

    Presenter Short Biography

    • BE in Communication Systems Engineering (B.Eng.)
      • At University of Portsmouth, UK with Honors.
    • MS in Communication Systems Engineering (M.Sc.)
      • At University of Portsmouth, UK.
    • Philosophy of doctorate Ph.D. in ECE :
      • At Florida institute of Technology (CGPA= 3.77)
      • Outstanding Graduate Students Awards 2014 and 2015
      • Outstanding Graduate Students Awards 2015 and 2016
      • Col. Dr. Eng. Kuwait Navy, Head of Communication Workshop Department
      • Col. Dr. Eng. Kuwait arm forces Signal Crop. Head of Maintenance Department
        • (Serving Kuwait Navy since 1993-2017).
      • Member of IEEE-HKN, OSA, SPIE, APS, IEE, KSE
      • Patent (1) , Peer-reviewed Journals (2), Peer-reviewed Journals (18)