Dr.Sultan k. Almorqi

President & Chief Executive Officer, SADEC
Saudi Arabia

    Title of Presentation

    Synchronization Between Cyber Security and Electronic Warfare

    Summary of Presentation

    Employing cyber security and Electronic Warfare capabilities under a single planning, integration, and synchronization methodology increases the operational commander’s ability to understand the environment, project power, and synchronize multiple operations using the same domain and environment. Synchronizing offensive and defensive activities allows a faster response to enemy and adversary actions. The electromagnetic spectrum is the common denominator for both cyber security and Electronic Warfare operations, and also impacts every operation in the Army. In this paper will defines and describes the tactics to address the synchronization between cyber security and electronic warfare.

    Presenter Short Biography

    Dr. Sultan K. Almorqi is the President and Chief Executive Officer for Saudi Defence Electronics Company – SADEC. Prior to joining SADEC, Dr. Almorqi was working at King abdulaziz City for Since and Technology KACST as the Director of National Center for Sensors Technology and Defense Systems.  He also served as Deputy Director for Scientific Affairs at ASED and as Radar Systems Engineer in KACST.  Dr. Sultan was elected as the president of Saudi AOC Chapter in June 2013. In August 2015, he was appointed to be co-director for the Microwave Sensors Technology Joint Center KACST and University of Michigan as well as co-director for Radar Exploration of Desert Aquifers (REDA) program jointly between KACST, JPL and CalTech.

    Dr. Sultan published extensively on folded waveguide resonators and has published and co-published 26 papers.  He is member of the IEEE society for electrical and electronic engineers, the Communications Society of America (MCS), the Saudi Council of Engineers, a member of the Board of Directors of the Saudi Telecommunications Engineering and Chairman of Scientific and cultural Division in Saudi Telecommunications Society (STS).

    Dr. Sultan holds a PhD and bachelor’s degrees in Electrical Engineering from Herriot Watt University in Edinburgh in Scotland, 2005 and 2009 respectively. Dr. Sultan also received the executive certificate of the Leadership Development Program at Harvard Business School, HSB, an alternative to executive MBA, 2017.