Mike Small

Head of Secure Communications Middle East
Airbus Defence and Space - Intelligence

    Title of Presentation

    Delivering Secure Assured Communications to support Network Enabled Defence

    Summary of Presentation

    Network Enabled Defence underpins the military vision that better utilization of information underpins more effective Defence capabilities. The Network Enabled approach affects all aspects of delivering military capability, including training, concept development and strategic planning, acquisition, the development of organizations and processes, and of course, in the Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) systems that underpin the delivery of C2ISTAR.

    But with the almost daily announcements of information hacks and losses affecting governments and organizations, Information and Communications systems have themselves become a “Military Centre of Gravity”. Not only a source of strength, around which military forces can gain advantage, but a potential vulnerability to be exploited.

    As regional Defence programmes invest and expand to provide Commanders with more and improved ICT, there are significant trade-off’s in ICT programmes being encountered. For example: how to make use of COTS communications and the cost advantages it brings, or to provide ready access to information for Commanders, yet contain the risks of exploitation by adversaries.

    This short discussion will focus on delivering secure assured communications and will expose many of the trade-offs that engineers, acquisition staff and operations personnel face in when deciding how to deliver the systems that underpin the transformation to Network Enabled Defence.

    Presenter Short Biography

    Mike Small MSc CEng

    • A 20 year career in the Royal Air Force as a C2ISR Engineer delivering Satellite and tactical communications, Intelligence, and Command and Control systems to Commanders, provides Mike with a deep understanding of how technology and systems enable delivery of C2ISR and underpin Network Enabled Defence.
    • Moving to the Middle East in 2008 in roles focused on Defence systems first with IBM Middle East, then BAE Systems as Head of Cyber, and now as the Head of Secure Communications for Airbus Defence and Space Middle East, Mike brings a strong background in the ‘the art of the possible’ – practical experience of delivering and operating C2ISR system to support military commanders.
    • Mike has a Masters Degree in Aerosystems Engineering from Loughborough University, and a Masters Degree in Defence Management from Cranfield University.